Mad Dogs

Turn-based RPG strategy game about street gangs

TsarTech is a mobile game developer based in Europe, best known for the turn-based tactical role-playing game Mad Dogs™. The company’s games are available for mobile and tablet devices on both Android and iOS operating systems.

TsarTech was founded in 2016 with a vision to create high quality interactive entertainment experiences that appeal to everyone. With the rise of the mobile device, the world of gaming has changed radically, growing substantially to include a greater audience than ever before. Gone are the days when gaming was relegated to the home, on a dedicated device. The rise of smartphones and tablets has led to a society that is constantly on the move and always connected, something that games must adapt to. It is with this in mind thatTsarTech focuses on creating mobile games that are accessible to all. Games that can be played for minutes or hours, solo or with friends, but most importantly, games that are FUN.